The membership of the following categories namely
    1. Faculty  B. Staff   C. Student
Faculty Members:
A faculty member shall be an individual lady faculty subscribing with a sum of Rs.50/- at a time.

                   Staff Members:
A Non Teaching staff member shall be an individual lady staff subscribing with a sum of Rs.50/- at a time.

                   Student Members:
Any person, who is women student of ‘SIDDHARTH INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, PUTTUR is eligible to become an student member of the Cell by paying a subscription fee of Rs.10/- on semester basis. A member enrolled at any time of the year shall pay full subscription for the semester irrespective of the date of enrollment. Subscription fee is valid for the semester in which they are enrolled.
The membership of any category shall be liable for termination by a simple majority vote and on report of executive committee that
    1. Any member may resign from the membership of the Cell at any time by written notice to the secretary of the Cell after paying all the subscription dues and the membership shall terminate on acceptance of the resignations by the executive committee.
    2. The Executive committee has the right to ask for an apology or resignation of any member whose conduct is prejudicial to the interest of the Cell
    3. Any member can be expelled for such conduct at an extraordinary Executive committee meeting with the required